For the want of a menu

I spend most of my time online, reading about restaurants and cuisines. During the course of my reading , I have noticed that most restaurants make similar mistakes when it comes to their online presence. It all begins with poorly thought out websites.

Pages crammed with content the consumer wouldn’t care about! For instance, story lines or an animation that cannot be skipped!–> Oops, the viewer has left because he doesn’t want to waste time watching generic text in typewriter animation mode! 

Sadly, a lot of restaurants have images or static menus on their websites and some don’t have one at all! Consumers want choices, its makes us feel like we’re in control.> Really?  At least let people view the menu before you force them to give you, their address!

Restaurants with menus “cleverly” leave out the price. If you are going to be miserly about spending money to make changes to your site, maybe you don’t deserve to hike the prices!

Misleading images downloaded from food photography sites are another factor that leads to disappointment. How many times have you ordered a dish solely because it looked appetizing only to be disappointed when you were served a completely different scenario on the plate!

Endless examples and tons of clicks later I’m still lost in a web of poorly designed restaurant websites searching for something as basic as a decent menu! This is not an area for a chef, website designing is as important as the food itself. This is a world where customers want to make informed decisions!