Is Uber’s price war compromising the safety of its customers??

I’ve been a fan and a regular user of the service since it launched in Bangalore. However lately my experience has been less than pleasant.  They have started a price war with unbelievable discounts causing the demand for their service for increase. This obviously means they have more drivers tying up and the new ones have clearly not been through a thorough background check.
1.Drivers are now calling up and saying they don’t want to pick you up if they are busy and ask you to cancel the trip
2. Can you rate a driver you haven’t travelled with? So how does one change this?
3. Cabs are not as easily available and the waiting time has increased
4. Some drivers have no idea how to properly follow the location which means a lot of back and forth calls to explain causing frustration at the clients end.
5.Safety: a driver I booked recently refused to come to our point since he wasn’t sure how to get there! Its on the map for crying out loud. Due to no other available cabs we were forced to walk up to where he was parked late at night.
6. The incident that just occurred in Delhi might have just destroyed the brands credibility. Especially since they are still new and the question of women safety is one of India’s biggest talked about problems this year.

How this unfurls we will have to wait and watch. But personally I do think the brand has made some compromises lately that have lead to a poor customer experience.