Riunite on ice. Riunite so nice

Melting cheese, oozing sauce, the smell of basil and oregano ….a little piece of heaven..instantly transports you to a happy place. Life without Pizza is unimaginable and pizza without pepperoni is no pizza at all!

This classic, all time favorite is made ever so perfectly at Pizzeria Romano in Bangalore, it keeps you coming back for more. Tucked away on Koramangla 60 ft. road, a few steps away from Banana Beach Bar, this pizzeria is the perfect spot for a lazy dinner. The ambiance if friendly and casual, comfortable seating, a selection of both wine and hard liquor. The beige couches and woodwork set the mood for a relaxing evening. The restaurant serves a variety of Italian dishes and has a mean desert collection.

Of-course I recommend the pepperoni pizza, wash it down with a glass of Riunite lambrusco and end with a Tiramisu. Also something to remember!  “Riunite on ice. Riunite so nice”

There are few things we can enjoy as deeply as food and this would come very close! Bon appetit!

pizzeria romano-Image: Courtesy- Abhishek Roy 🙂