Fatty Bao – despite my love for Mickey Ninja -Bèi gāo gū

baoSo you’ve google translated the title and either agree or disagree. Either way, its time to burst the bubble. Fatty Bao is an Asian gastro pub on Indiranagar, 12th main which has increasingly become popular over the last few months. Reservation on a weekend or any holiday is recommended. The seating area is small hence you may end up waiting almost an hour. After 3 visits to convince myself that all the hoopla could not have been for nothing, I’m still drawing a blank.

Since they charge exorbitantly for small portions, the expectations are higher  and so here’s saying it as it is

Drinks – Great

The Mickey Ninja makes you think of spas and the beach, the blast of cucumber and the balance of flavors is fantastic, it tastes like vacation and has generous amounts of vodka. Definitely a star for the bartender. The Bora Bora is also quite pleasant, the flavor of tender coconut makes it absolutely delicious especially if you’re a sucker for fruit flavored cocktails.

Food – Inconsistent flavor ,terribly small portions and few good options

Before you think I’m bitter, I do think that there are few items on the menu that are fantastic (Charsui, shaking beef, beef ramen) but unless you know what those are, you are bound to be disappointed. If you are a vegetarian, stop here and don’t bother visiting unless you like tofu or cabbage, although to be fair, it is an Asian restaurant so that’s expected.

The things that I would eat again would be the California roll and the Steak Bao. I definitely recommend the shaking beef and duck pizza. The PB&J was great the first time I tried it, the second time however, it tasted completely different which was a let down. I prefer consistency across multiple preparations of the same dish since that’s the reason most customers come back to the same restaurant.

Chilli basil fried rice, veg fried rice, both are okay but definitely not a deciding factor when picking a dinner place. I’ve heard the ramen is great from many of my friends who have visited before, I tried the sea food ramen and my opinion is I’m never shelling out that much for a bowl of water and noodles and 3 prawns with no flavor other than a hint of pepper and salt ever again.

The grilled lamp chops were more bone than lamb, we had to actually chew on the bone to find any meat at all so that’s a never order again too. Slow coked lamb, another lamb dish gone wrong. I personally did not care much for the patty bao, The dumplings were a hit and miss, sticky outer coats, prawn and sesame could use some flavor, spicy chicken and celery , beef and jalapenos and anything with steamed pork tasted overlay raw or confused flavors.

Ambience – average

The staff is very friendly and the service is great. The bottom floor is cute with the red and green theme but looks almost like every other tiny street corner Chinese place, nothing innovative. The top floor is nicely done, the slim bar counter, wooden floors and the paper lanterns give you a feel good vibe but don’t expect to be overly impressed for the price you are about to pay

Must confess I haven’t tried their deserts so nothing to share on that front. I do love their mascot and the minimalistic menu designs. Overall I’d say for a first visit you might like it if you order your food carefully since the drinks are all great. On the second visit, the urge to try other options on the menu will leave you both unsatisfied and un happy.