Like A Bass!

In the land locked city of Bangalore if there was one thing I craved, it was sea food! Couple that with a convenient location, exotic ambience and you end up with few choices at excruciating prices. Among my favorite memories of the place, is a lazy Sunday afternoon when I found myself at an old haunt mesmerized by a new flavor!

Grilled sea bass with gently spiced crispy skin and soft white interior. Served on a bed of Texan-style Spanish rice, only made better, by the all-time favorite accompaniment, chips! When the, cowboy hat-clad waiter set the wooden platter holding the hot sizzler down on our table, we couldn’t have been happier. It was a perfectly sized meal for an afternoon lunch and definitely worth the buck.

Will definitely be going back there. The “fish of the day” sizzler at Grill house, Ulsoor Road makes a wonderful Sunday afternoon even better!sea bass