Impulse –> Ka-ching!

Ever lost your appetite after arriving at a restaurant starving, only find you had to wait to place your order? 

Yes, its frustrating for you and bad news for the restaurant. Chili’s however is one of the restaurants that have found a way to capture that impulse ordering! One word— Ziosk

These interactive tablets placed on each table allows customers to browse the menu, order their food, pay their bills and keep their noisy kids entertained! Ziosk says tablets have increased starters sales by 20 percent at restaurants that offer them, although Chili’s hasn’t put its appetizer menu on the tablets.They are hoping to push their desert sales by allowing customers to order deserts before they realize they are too full at the end of the meal. Customers can also order drink refills and play games.

Definitely a trend we will see more of since the tablets can help restaurants increase sales in more than one way.

The display allows for more elaborate and tempting images of food to be displayed compared to printed menus ,giving the customer that extra push to taste what they see!

It also allows to put more detailed descriptions at negligible cost and can be changed without the hassle of printing.

Faster Refills! Which happens to be the cause of frustration for most diners!

A way to keep your kids engaged.

Faster way to pay the bill saving time for both customers and restaurants especially during crowded hours.

Of-course this isn’t all good news. How would these effect the serving staff? Would these drive the customers to tip lesser since they will have limited interaction with a server? Would this take away the dining experience since we are already batting distracting cell phones and social networking in the middle of dinner? Cost of maintenance, the wireless networking required,  the risk of damage by customers.

A lot of other factors might also cause this to be a failed attempt but right now, it is an innovation with great potential. Lets wait and watch 🙂