How I became a bad ass puppy!


On a cloudy Monday morning at 7 am, I could hear my alarm ringing. Like most mornings I slept through it. After about 2 hours I decided, it was time to wake up. So obviously, Zoe followed me around, wondering what we would do that day.
Despite hearing it everyday,she went ballistic when I said “walk“. Ran around in crazy circles. Wrestled with her brace. Attacked the leash. Scratched the door and finally gave me the head tilt.  We headed down the stairs while she  pulled with all her might. All 11 kgs of her in overdrive!
That’s when it happened. *snap* I heard it loud and clear, right before I could hear my heart, pounding in my chest. The sound of the leash breaking. Before I could blink, in a split second she was out, like bolt on a mission. Running through the open gates. Her tiny legs pushing forward with all the strength they had. I could almost swear, I heard her scream “freedom“!
Obviously given my fantastic calm during a panic situation. I screamed like a little girl and did what I thought was logical. Ran after her.
There I was, screaming… “Zoe stop! Zoe No“. Heaven knows why! She doesn’t even obey those when she’s not running away!!
That’s when I saw them….. The pack of strays. Barking in scary symphony. She, obviously being super intelligent, barked back and ran towards them. Towards!
By this time the neighbours had come out to watch. I ran faster, hoping I’d catch her before the strays. My heart was in my mouth. They were literally 3 times her size!
Just then, thanks to my wonderful coordination, I tripped over my self. Maybe it was the fear, or the adrenaline but I could swear, I fell in slow motion. I could hear myself say “oh no. Not my face” and then the sound, of my knees hitting the payment, drew a lot of gasps from onlookers.
As I looked up, expecting to see the worst, me and approximately 10 neighbours saw the weirdest scene. Tiny crazy eyed Zoe, chasing away a pack of fully grown dogs. I would laugh, if I wasn’t in searing pain and bleeding from both palms.
Before I could dust myself off,there she was, walking towards me, with her tiny tail stub swaying. She almost looked confused at all the fuss.
As if falling face down wasn’t embarrassing enough, turns out it was all for nothing!
So that’s the story of how Zoe, my tiny cocker spaniel established just how bad ass she really is!