2 weeks of indulgence!

Perfectly cooked meat in a combination of mild flavors, enveloped in a thin delicate steamed coating served with sweet and spicy dip. No Chinese eat out is complete without dim-sums!  Today I begin my 2 weeks of indulgence before my vacation in Muscat ends. It’s time to work the appetite and tick as many boxes as I can.What better start to this than a review of one of the most popular pan-Asian restaurants in Muscat. The golden Oryx!

As a childhood favorite of mine , this place never disappoints. The ambiance is peaceful with high walls and wood work all around. The decorations are traditional with golden borders and large paintings. The seating is spacious with large tables. My favorite being the round rotating tables. The staff is always polite makes you feel comfortable even on the worst of days.

The Chinese and Thai options are both equally delicious. Of-course we started with a portion of steamed chicken dim-sums! The main course was Mei Foon ( rice noodles) , crispy fried duck, shanghai fried rice and chicken in lemon sauce. The portions were generous and the staff was polite while being attentive to every plate that needed a refill. The rice noodles were light with almost no trace of oil and melted in your mouth. The duck was cooked perfectly, a crispy exterior with soft  meat your could tear away inside. The spices was evenly spread and the accompanying shallots were bursting with flavor.

The Shanghai fried rice was ordinary only to be made exquisite with the chicken. Lemon can always be an overpowering flavor in the hands of an amateur but not this time. The chicken was soft and the hint of lemon was almost not there until it suddenly surprised you mid bite. This meal gave us every reason to be happy and of-course the glasses of Malibu we ordered made it a happier evening.

Overall a great dining experience, one you’ll fondly remember!