Love to hate : College kids

Having spent a few weeks midst college kids I couldn’t resist the urge to write about why this particular set of people are on most of my generation’s love to hate list! And yes I said my generation because we really cant seem to find common ground (and those of you living in denial should just suck it up)

Bangalore has been overtaken by the tiny humans living life to the tune of Wiz Khalifa.  In a city where most of the population is toiling away at computer screens and wasting away in traffic, here is a set of people living Young , wild and free indeed. In no particular order the reasons for the “uggh college kids” remark that you’ve definitely said out loud every Friday night! 

-Self assured, loud and large groups, everything the working population lacks! After a tough week, a much needed Friday night turns into a shoving match to get a table only to be turned down because a bunch of 20 college kids have occupied a table, that half of them are not using and the other half is trying to stand on!

-College boys – If the annoying overuse of the word “bro” wasn’t enough, the hugging it out at the entrance just to prove you actually know the idiot who spends his days hanging out with kids and you are going to come to pity in the next 5 years.

– College girls – Overdressed with full knowledge that those heels are going to be taken off after a few drinks. Shrill screams with no other purpose than to agitate a crowd, which then somehow is labelled creepy because they are staring at the noisy girls. Spend half their evening in the restroom, which believe it or not other people actually need to use and not just to overdo their gloss, tell unknown women you love them ,cry over who hates whom and how he is an as*****!

– Bills – The never ending division and quarrel over who drank what followed by the obnoxious rich kid swiping his dads card.

Overall, they are an annoying bunch.Most days we would ignore them or even be amused by their shenanigans. However what really makes us tick is the fact that they seem completely unaware of the inconvenience they cause to the people who are just trying to have a less crappy evening!