Quarter Life Crisis!

So I turned 25 this year. Just like every other girl in any universe, I panicked about it since 2014 hit the calendars. Of-course finding 3!!! grey hair  did not make it any easier. So I did what any self respecting drama queen would do.. made resolutions! Never mind what they were! The only significant change I made this year was Zumba!

It’s a high intensity dance work out, well it’s supposed to be. Most of the class is just moving around in the most awkward poses while trying to avoid looking at themselves in the mirror. All the time wondering, how the hell does the instructor not have a single layer of fat in his body!

Wondering if it works? Absolutely, some people in my class have actually lost a lot of weight and either way , its the most fun you’ll have working out. Almost makes the aches and being crammed in a sweaty room for an hour worth it.

So why is 25 such a crazy year? It’s when shit hits the fan! Let’s face it, given our lifestyles, “ain’t none of us gonna live till a 100!” So you’ve lived more than a quarter of your life. You validate your choices and count your achievements , think about where you’re headed. All that crap you would normally do after about 5 drinks too many. Only you’re sober and will not fall asleep any minute or forget about it in the morning!

Then there is the big elephant in the room at every family gathering, the “M” word. The big “settle” as the Indian moms call it. If none of that was bad enough, facebook will constantly remind you of ridiculous crap like “25 women under 25 to watch out for” or “things every 25 year old should have experienced”. Pay no heed to them, they’re all unrealistic expectations that obviously drive better traffic to websites with quizzes like “what color are you?”

So yes, should this be a point to make those changes that will help you get to your end goals? Definitely.  I would say you’re not in the worst place if you’ve:

a. Stopped abusing and overusing hash tags (#ihavenoideawhatthepurposeofahashtagisanduseitanyway)

b. Learned that hangovers are real and shots are stupid

c. Reduced your circle of friends to people you can actually tolerate

d. Learnt to make a decent meal

e. Use sick leaves for what they are meant for

f . Found common ground with your folks

g. Stopped cussing like your life depended on it

h. and have a plan!

Should it be a year to be down in the dumps if you haven’t ? Absolutely not! Because don’t forget 26 is coming for you!