Why kids grow up to be ungrateful little…well nevermind.

Coming home after two years was important to me. I have of course, seen my folks in the last two years, I just haven’t been to the place I call, home.

Home is wide winding roads, the smell of frankincense, the taste of shwarma and zatar and the comfort of my old room covered in embarrassing photographs of my siblings and I. It’s a reminder of simpler times when life was uncomplicated and bruised knees were our biggest problems.

My first few days were an absolute pleasure. I spent my days driving down to the beach, shopping, eating more than I needed and lazing around. My parents have recently taken to fruit carving. To those of you who know me well, I’d like inform you that my overcompetitiveness was clearly inherited. Half an hour of fruit carving with my folks will answer all your questions. 😉 

Only towards the end of my short trip did the reality of home hit me. The people I loved the most in this world were trying constantly to make this place called home, magical, and I visited them maybe once or twice a year. They’re struggles may not be visible but the pain of keeping up with technology changing faster than they can adapt and accepting our choice to live away from home, takes a toll on them.

Our generation has selfishly chosen career and wanderlust over family. Children then in that sense grow into ungrateful adults. Not consciously but because this is a social norm today.   I wonder if these thoughts are just my own…..


Author: rashmivd

Most people would know me for my curious nature, obsessive cleaning and love for food. My two biggest weaknesses are also my two favorite things in the world! Food and Dogs. I'm a conversationalist, small talk is my kryptonite. I love listening to people express their deepest thoughts and fears, healthy debates about any and everything and the ability of oneself to laugh at their own stupidity. My dogs will always be the love of my life but writing has been a coping mechanism since I was very young. Blogging has found me in a way I least expected. Opening yourself up to criticism, empathy and appreciation from complete strangers is both scary and wonderful. So leave me your thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear honest feedback.

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