Our fiction is slaughtering us. What got us here, won’t take us there.

Yuval Noah Hariri offers the opinion that sapiens of the genus homo survived and overtook their genetically similar and superior cousins due to our ability to spin fiction. 

Those of you who haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do. I agree with him in theory that how else would it be possible for such a large number of people to unite. Look around yourself, everything you believe has power and accountability is fictitious. The countries we live in were named by us and the concept of patriotism has held us together but both of these ideas exist only in our minds.

The corporations we hate and demand accountability from for destroying our oceans and air are names that have lived on beyond their makers, they exist only as legal fiction on paper under the imaginary concept of law. Mankind has come a long way using this imaginary world to bind people together in common cause making it easier to govern, guide and mislead if needed. 

Today however, our imagination has gotten out of our control. We sit idly by as governments, which exist in their subject’s minds as bodies of fairness and power, destroy their people. We wait for another fictitious body, the UN to intervene, somehow believing that we can’t? We are held back by nothing physical just shackles of law, territory and power. 

Climate change which is a name given to a very real phenomenon that is happening around us does not capture simpler minds. We destroy tangible forests and kill living animals in the name of  development. We would much rather that refugees, real people, fleash and blood, die at our gates than understand that race, nationality and belonging are figments of our imagination. While the masses have no trouble placing faith in an unknown, unseen entity that will lead them to salvation, which itself exists in only our minds. 

So at what point does the scale tip? The stories that helped us shape our way of life and survive thousands of years replacing genetic progress with perceived intelligence are now turning against us. Thier very existence was justified by the idea of unity. Today they stand in the way of moving ahead. Rigid traditions based on ficitous stories are breaking nations apart. We are taking from mother earth faster than she can replenish, to fuel our imagination of what we deem a better future. 

The problems we face today are the ones we created. Can an intellectual overhaul be the answer or is this a call for evolution? 


Author: rashmivd

Most people would know me for my curious nature, obsessive cleaning and love for food. My two biggest weaknesses are also my two favorite things in the world! Food and Dogs. I'm a conversationalist, small talk is my kryptonite. I love listening to people express their deepest thoughts and fears, healthy debates about any and everything and the ability of oneself to laugh at their own stupidity. My dogs will always be the love of my life but writing has been a coping mechanism since I was very young. Blogging has found me in a way I least expected. Opening yourself up to criticism, empathy and appreciation from complete strangers is both scary and wonderful. So leave me your thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear honest feedback.

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