Resolutions, the stepping stones to failure. Embrace the change that calls you instead. 

Every year, for God knows how long, people around the world have made resolutions on the 1st day of the year. It’s usually a list of habits that they believe they want to inculcate or makes them better in comparison to popular benchmarks.

5 mins later..

Millions of broken resolutions sending waves of failure into the minds of their makers, encouraging the idea that change is hard and mediocrity is a norm. Stop yourselves! If you’d allow me to share some wisdom, I’d tell you that you can only truly make the changes you want to. But hey! I’ve been around only 27 years and for most of that time I was an idiot, so what do I know.

Let’s assume you’ve decided to continue reading and hear me out anyway. Personal failure has taught me that most times my perception of my future self is a combination of all things I appreciate but not necessarily want to embody. (You may have to read that sentence again)

My perception of my current self is based solely on my achievements and failures. Yes, I realize I’m preaching, but stay with me. Our subconscious has a way of prioritizing what we need most. So If you wanted to gym but never got to it, find the change that you have spent more time on naturally. You might find that you do actually have your priorities set, they just might not be the ones you thought you wanted.

The key is to get to know yourself first. Beyond the qualities, dreams, hopes, ambitions and the image that you share with the world. The person you are when you sit alone, thinking. Does that person want to read more? Run? Travel? What makes you better but also comfortable?  For the skeptics and idiots reading this, don’t interpret this as make no change. The key words are better AND comfortable.

So envision the change you want to see in yourself and evaluate if it’s something your true-self will enjoy. Not because the world considers it in high regard or helps you fit into a mould you appreciate.

Understand that change is slow. It took more than 2 decades to make the person you are today. ( if you’re younger than that, this shit ain’t for you, close this browser now). Make a long term plan with milestones and thoughtful concessions instead of a resolution. Most times this process will guide you to the most natural change you are willing to make.

At this point compare yourself to the person you were 5 years ago. Your tastes have matured and you have always chosen what you held important in that moment. If it was a good call, you’ve gotten better. If it was a bad call, you’ve still gotten better simply because you have the good sense to make that judgement today.


Author: rashmivd

Most people would know me for my curious nature, obsessive cleaning and love for food. My two biggest weaknesses are also my two favorite things in the world! Food and Dogs. I'm a conversationalist, small talk is my kryptonite. I love listening to people express their deepest thoughts and fears, healthy debates about any and everything and the ability of oneself to laugh at their own stupidity. My dogs will always be the love of my life but writing has been a coping mechanism since I was very young. Blogging has found me in a way I least expected. Opening yourself up to criticism, empathy and appreciation from complete strangers is both scary and wonderful. So leave me your thoughts or comments, I'd love to hear honest feedback.

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