Avoiding the bigger issue Indian Govt vs Uber?


The Delhi govt is definitely appreciated for its quick and harsh move to ban Uber and other non-licensed taxi operators (ola ,taxi for sure). However, are we getting carried away on the core issue here? While I acknowledge that Uber, is in the wrong, we cannot disagree that these banned services, were the most affordable of the lot. Causing us to bear the brunt of poor governance yet again. Let’s look at the facts :
1. An ex-rapist is issued a tourist taxi licence ?
2. Companies are operating without proper background checks and it takes a rape for the law to intervene?
3. The media is chasing women safety stories and budgets are being allocated since 2014, measures are being planned since 2012?

Despite everyone acknowledging that women safety is an issue that is haunting India, no tangible solutions have been devised. Budgets are not solutions. They are procrastination mechanisms and promises of tomorrow.
Every story with big spotlight creates more fear in the women around India and more assurance that nothing will be done among the criminals.
Would we be better off looking for ways to ensure this doesn’t occur rather than the after math of justice and what little that would mean to the victim of this crime.
The real issue here is that the capital Delhi , a metro, the home to our strategists, the best equipped city to protect our women is constantly failing to do so. We should be asking for long term solutions to protect our daughters. A robust justice system is a requirement but where are answers to making the country safer?
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