A ray of hope..

This post deviates from my usual focus on food and with good reason. Today I witnessed one of the most wonderful examples of human compassion and community.

A few weeks back, a stray dog gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies close to where I live. While the mother fiercely guarded the puppies for the last few weeks, they were too young to venture out in her absence and though we could all hear them screaming throughout the day, no one could figure out where exactly they were.

This morning when I stepped out for a walk with my dog, she kept sniffing the drain hole next to our house and just wouldn’t move away. Suddenly a tiny tail emerged from the hole and fearing it was a rat, I moved away. I was however pleasantly surprised to find it was followed by the cutest little nose of a stray puppy. One by one 5 of them came out curious to see what the fuss was about.

This entire event however turned terribly sad when the last puppy started screaming at the top of its lungs. It was stuck somewhere along the closed drain line unable to get out-and-out of sight. The mother who was helplessly running along the sidewalk was nothing but a bundle of bones. Clearly unable to find food and protect her litter at the same time.

I put out some food for the mother and went looking for a flash light in the hope of helping the lost puppy. When I returned in 10 mins. More neighbors had come out and left food for the mother and the pups. In almost a magical moment the people who hardly knew each other became friends in their cause to help the mother find her lost pup. We managed to find a loose tile and pull out the pup. As if they already hadn’t suffered enough,it rained heavily this evening. However, the strays were not fighting alone, I put out a dry carton for them to take shelter. Almost every neighbor was cautious while taking out their vehicles for fear of  running over the curious puppies who were happily wandering around. The people who lived on the ground floor even slowed down passing by traffic.

It was wonderful, despite the heavy rain and poor visibility dozens of cars moved carefully to their left allowing the puppies to remain at play until their mother came back. When I went downstairs to leave dinner and clean water for the mum, I couldn’t help but smile at the numerous paper plates and plastic containers that surrounded the little carton box.

Everyday dozens of strays face cruelty at the hands of heartless human beings. In the midst of all that evil, it was just heart warming to see so many people helping these innocent creatures make it through a hard day.

Please do let me know if you would like to adopt any of the six strays. They are too young to be vaccinated but will be de-wormed as soon they are old enough to leave their mum. I will be putting up pictures soon.