Why kids grow up to be ungrateful little…well nevermind.

Coming home after two years was important to me. I have of course, seen my folks in the last two years, I just haven’t been to the place I call, home.

Home is wide winding roads, the smell of frankincense, the taste of shwarma and zatar and the comfort of my old room covered in embarrassing photographs of my siblings and I. It’s a reminder of simpler times when life was uncomplicated and bruised knees were our biggest problems.

My first few days were an absolute pleasure. I spent my days driving down to the beach, shopping, eating more than I needed and lazing around. My parents have recently taken to fruit carving. To those of you who know me well, I’d like inform you that my overcompetitiveness was clearly inherited. Half an hour of fruit carving with my folks will answer all your questions. 😉 

Only towards the end of my short trip did the reality of home hit me. The people I loved the most in this world were trying constantly to make this place called home, magical, and I visited them maybe once or twice a year. They’re struggles may not be visible but the pain of keeping up with technology changing faster than they can adapt and accepting our choice to live away from home, takes a toll on them.

Our generation has selfishly chosen career and wanderlust over family. Children then in that sense grow into ungrateful adults. Not consciously but because this is a social norm today.   I wonder if these thoughts are just my own…..


Our fiction is slaughtering us. What got us here, won’t take us there.

Yuval Noah Hariri offers the opinion that sapiens of the genus homo survived and overtook their genetically similar and superior cousins due to our ability to spin fiction. 

Those of you who haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do. I agree with him in theory that how else would it be possible for such a large number of people to unite. Look around yourself, everything you believe has power and accountability is fictitious. The countries we live in were named by us and the concept of patriotism has held us together but both of these ideas exist only in our minds.

The corporations we hate and demand accountability from for destroying our oceans and air are names that have lived on beyond their makers, they exist only as legal fiction on paper under the imaginary concept of law. Mankind has come a long way using this imaginary world to bind people together in common cause making it easier to govern, guide and mislead if needed. 

Today however, our imagination has gotten out of our control. We sit idly by as governments, which exist in their subject’s minds as bodies of fairness and power, destroy their people. We wait for another fictitious body, the UN to intervene, somehow believing that we can’t? We are held back by nothing physical just shackles of law, territory and power. 

Climate change which is a name given to a very real phenomenon that is happening around us does not capture simpler minds. We destroy tangible forests and kill living animals in the name of  development. We would much rather that refugees, real people, fleash and blood, die at our gates than understand that race, nationality and belonging are figments of our imagination. While the masses have no trouble placing faith in an unknown, unseen entity that will lead them to salvation, which itself exists in only our minds. 

So at what point does the scale tip? The stories that helped us shape our way of life and survive thousands of years replacing genetic progress with perceived intelligence are now turning against us. Thier very existence was justified by the idea of unity. Today they stand in the way of moving ahead. Rigid traditions based on ficitous stories are breaking nations apart. We are taking from mother earth faster than she can replenish, to fuel our imagination of what we deem a better future. 

The problems we face today are the ones we created. Can an intellectual overhaul be the answer or is this a call for evolution? 

Resolutions, the stepping stones to failure. Embrace the change that calls you instead. 

Every year, for God knows how long, people around the world have made resolutions on the 1st day of the year. It’s usually a list of habits that they believe they want to inculcate or makes t…

Source: Resolutions, the stepping stones to failure. Embrace the change that calls you instead. 

The bitch in apartment 203. 

Zoe, is a beautiful, big brown eyed, orange roan cocker spaniel. In all her 5 years of existence she has never once obeyed anyone. She does as she pleases and what she wants. 

This story goes back 5 years when a 45 day old Zoe also then knows as zo monster ( you will soon find out why) bullied 2 fully grown adults into letting her sleep in thier beds. I say bullied because while there were a lot of puppy dog eyes, she mostly just bit us if we tried to get her off the bed. Those tiny sharp teeth….

We tried for years to toilet train her  but she insisted on peeing on the first stair of the staircase. This yellow river haunted many a maid. One fine morning, she stopped. She chose the downstairs bathroom as her spot and toilet trained herself to pee on the drain hole. It was beautiful. I know not how she learnt this or what triggers it to this day. 

Unlike most dogs that like being coddled and petted, Zoe will only ever lie down for a belly rub when she wants one. She spends her days staring out the balcony thinking and dreaming for hours. You can throw any amount of balls, squeakers and treats at her but she will not yield. She will not let you touch her paws or carry her ( trust me you can’t resist the urge to) and like any self respecting lady, she will hurt you if you try to grab her from behind.

She’s curious so when she’s walking down the street, she will stop and sniff other dogs. Only, the other dog will not get the same opportunity. The moment that mutt tries to sniff her back, a nightmare unfolds. There’s a lot of air biting and growling that sends some very large dogs running, with their tails between their legs. 

In the dog world, this 10kg cocker, is an alpha. She makes no attempt to hide it and she does not have friends, just subjects. I have watched for years as she comfortably establishes  an alpha position with dogs twice her size. They will learn to leave her be and they will bark when she barks. She will also sit on a chair at the vet,this cracks me up every time.

Yet this gorgeous blonde makes one hell of a companion. Our relationship is based on her never giving me what I want but always stepping up when I need something from her. Today I’ll only share one instance of this. 

I recently adopted a 2 year old golden retriever, Thalia, who is scared of the wind and trees and sounds and basically everything. She’s a goofball who loves to play. While Zoe has never been comfortable with other dogs, I witnessed an amazing few months of her stepping up to make room for Thalia. It’s an odd bond. She refuses to play any game that Thalia initiates and will not let her sit next to her. However, she will stand on two legs and lick her when she gets vaccinated. Share all her toys and food. Smack her in face when she feels like and every once in a while I catch her cuddling up next to her after she’s asleep. I was warned by several people that this was a bad idea but it’s worked out fantastically.

She’s a peculiar little creature, my Zo monster. 

Resolutions, the stepping stones to failure. Embrace the change that calls you instead. 

Every year, for God knows how long, people around the world have made resolutions on the 1st day of the year. It’s usually a list of habits that they believe they want to inculcate or makes them better in comparison to popular benchmarks.

5 mins later..

Millions of broken resolutions sending waves of failure into the minds of their makers, encouraging the idea that change is hard and mediocrity is a norm. Stop yourselves! If you’d allow me to share some wisdom, I’d tell you that you can only truly make the changes you want to. But hey! I’ve been around only 27 years and for most of that time I was an idiot, so what do I know.

Let’s assume you’ve decided to continue reading and hear me out anyway. Personal failure has taught me that most times my perception of my future self is a combination of all things I appreciate but not necessarily want to embody. (You may have to read that sentence again)

My perception of my current self is based solely on my achievements and failures. Yes, I realize I’m preaching, but stay with me. Our subconscious has a way of prioritizing what we need most. So If you wanted to gym but never got to it, find the change that you have spent more time on naturally. You might find that you do actually have your priorities set, they just might not be the ones you thought you wanted.

The key is to get to know yourself first. Beyond the qualities, dreams, hopes, ambitions and the image that you share with the world. The person you are when you sit alone, thinking. Does that person want to read more? Run? Travel? What makes you better but also comfortable?  For the skeptics and idiots reading this, don’t interpret this as make no change. The key words are better AND comfortable.

So envision the change you want to see in yourself and evaluate if it’s something your true-self will enjoy. Not because the world considers it in high regard or helps you fit into a mould you appreciate.

Understand that change is slow. It took more than 2 decades to make the person you are today. ( if you’re younger than that, this shit ain’t for you, close this browser now). Make a long term plan with milestones and thoughtful concessions instead of a resolution. Most times this process will guide you to the most natural change you are willing to make.

At this point compare yourself to the person you were 5 years ago. Your tastes have matured and you have always chosen what you held important in that moment. If it was a good call, you’ve gotten better. If it was a bad call, you’ve still gotten better simply because you have the good sense to make that judgement today.

How I became a bad ass puppy!


On a cloudy Monday morning at 7 am, I could hear my alarm ringing. Like most mornings I slept through it. After about 2 hours I decided, it was time to wake up. So obviously, Zoe followed me around, wondering what we would do that day.
Despite hearing it everyday,she went ballistic when I said “walk“. Ran around in crazy circles. Wrestled with her brace. Attacked the leash. Scratched the door and finally gave me the head tilt.  We headed down the stairs while she  pulled with all her might. All 11 kgs of her in overdrive!
That’s when it happened. *snap* I heard it loud and clear, right before I could hear my heart, pounding in my chest. The sound of the leash breaking. Before I could blink, in a split second she was out, like bolt on a mission. Running through the open gates. Her tiny legs pushing forward with all the strength they had. I could almost swear, I heard her scream “freedom“!
Obviously given my fantastic calm during a panic situation. I screamed like a little girl and did what I thought was logical. Ran after her.
There I was, screaming… “Zoe stop! Zoe No“. Heaven knows why! She doesn’t even obey those when she’s not running away!!
That’s when I saw them….. The pack of strays. Barking in scary symphony. She, obviously being super intelligent, barked back and ran towards them. Towards!
By this time the neighbours had come out to watch. I ran faster, hoping I’d catch her before the strays. My heart was in my mouth. They were literally 3 times her size!
Just then, thanks to my wonderful coordination, I tripped over my self. Maybe it was the fear, or the adrenaline but I could swear, I fell in slow motion. I could hear myself say “oh no. Not my face” and then the sound, of my knees hitting the payment, drew a lot of gasps from onlookers.
As I looked up, expecting to see the worst, me and approximately 10 neighbours saw the weirdest scene. Tiny crazy eyed Zoe, chasing away a pack of fully grown dogs. I would laugh, if I wasn’t in searing pain and bleeding from both palms.
Before I could dust myself off,there she was, walking towards me, with her tiny tail stub swaying. She almost looked confused at all the fuss.
As if falling face down wasn’t embarrassing enough, turns out it was all for nothing!
So that’s the story of how Zoe, my tiny cocker spaniel established just how bad ass she really is!

Avoiding the bigger issue Indian Govt vs Uber?


The Delhi govt is definitely appreciated for its quick and harsh move to ban Uber and other non-licensed taxi operators (ola ,taxi for sure). However, are we getting carried away on the core issue here? While I acknowledge that Uber, is in the wrong, we cannot disagree that these banned services, were the most affordable of the lot. Causing us to bear the brunt of poor governance yet again. Let’s look at the facts :
1. An ex-rapist is issued a tourist taxi licence ?
2. Companies are operating without proper background checks and it takes a rape for the law to intervene?
3. The media is chasing women safety stories and budgets are being allocated since 2014, measures are being planned since 2012?

Despite everyone acknowledging that women safety is an issue that is haunting India, no tangible solutions have been devised. Budgets are not solutions. They are procrastination mechanisms and promises of tomorrow.
Every story with big spotlight creates more fear in the women around India and more assurance that nothing will be done among the criminals.
Would we be better off looking for ways to ensure this doesn’t occur rather than the after math of justice and what little that would mean to the victim of this crime.
The real issue here is that the capital Delhi , a metro, the home to our strategists, the best equipped city to protect our women is constantly failing to do so. We should be asking for long term solutions to protect our daughters. A robust justice system is a requirement but where are answers to making the country safer?
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